Friday, January 30, 2015

Once Upon a Time in a far away land..

So no, this isn't a fairytale (sorry) but to some people I do live in a far away land! I consider myself an old soul. For example, I love oldies music.. yes some Queen and of course the Beatles, but also forties and fifties music. I like to go exploring on spontaneous adventures and finding ice cream along the way. Yes, I'm addicted to ice cream.. I admit it! I am also obsessed with Ballroom Dancing! It is a passion of mine that occupies the majority of my free time along with making arts and crafts (usually found on Pintrest) and reading. Teaching is another passion of mine, that is why I am in this FNED class (which is really exciting!). I love children, one of my goals is to have my own third grade class one day, it's my favorite age and I will most enjoy teaching them math skills! So that is me, in a nutshell.. no actually in a paragraph. =)