Sunday, April 12, 2015

Kliewer "Citizenship in shcool: Reconceptualizing Down Syndrome"

I like this articles stories. It was a good set up though slow at times to read. Here are some quotes that stuck out to me..

"Shayne pointed out the irony experienced when she proposed to the transition committee that Anne's work site be changed to a video store: "They didn't think it was realistic, that she could handle that job. Here they have her educating America's future, but they're scared to let her work at a movie place." page 79
This quote says a lot. Shayne knew that Anne did not want to work with children, but instead her passion was with movies. Shayne went and made sure Anne got a job relating to movies instead of doing something that she isn't interested in. Working with children, I believe is something that should be enjoyed. When I had teachers in the past that obviously did not want to be there and were not into it, I didn't learn as much. Everyone should go into what they like so they can enjoy what they do and share that joy with others. Also, they trust her to work with children that affects their lives as well as America, but not in a movie place?? That's messed up.

"Shayne did not, however, interpret a child's nonconformity to developmental theory as a manifestation of defect. "So what," she continued, "if you don't fit exactly what you're supposed to? You know, it's not like I fit many people's idea of what a teacher's supposed to be like." page 78

This is awesome, and what a great point she makes. Who made the rules of how we are "supposed" to be anyway? And what are we supposed to be? Are we supposed to fit into SCHWAMP? If so, then that would be boring if we all were the same. We are supposed to be ourselves bringing our own uniqueness to the world one day at a time. And that requires no "supposed to be's" but instead, just be you. One is not "supposed" o be a certain thing. Or maybe each person has their own guidelines of how they're supposed to be. I just think it is important to go with the flow, stand up for what is right and do good in the world. One simple way to do that is to smile! You may just brighten someone's day! =)

"That's what they see, but they wouldn't be seeing him. Do you know what I mean? Because Lee is Lee, and anybody who knows Lee knows, and this includes all the kids, they know he's gifted in how he solves problems, cares about others, reads, loves math. So I guess what I'm arguing is that if you did pick Lee out, you wouldn't be seeing Lee. It's not Lee your picking out. It's your stereotype, your mindset. It's you, and it has nothing to do with Lee.
But if that's how you choose to see him, I don't know that anything I could do, we could do, I don't think there's anything Lee could do to change your mind."

Yes! I love it! Its true. One will see their own judgments and stereotypes instead of the actual person for who they are. It happens all too often and people aren't even given a chance. It has happened to me and I think still does with people that don't know me just not as much now. I was told in 10th grade by a boy I had grown up going to school with that he used to think I was a snob before he actually talked to me and got to know me more as we got older just in classes growing up. I was shocked to her it and a little hurt. This is because I am not and never was a snob, especially at such a young age, I was just shy. He assumed that I was because I didn't talk much, but in reality I was too shy to talk to many people. This is a minor example compared to the ones in this article but it is how I relate a bit. Lee is unique with his talents and gifts and shouldn't be judged or stereotyped.

"What's that one "saying"? "The dignity of risk." It's really true. That's what learning is. It's taking risks and seeing stuff in new ways. From the top of the slide [on the playground]. Or, like, in a book that you just open up. Those kinds of ways. Maybe you don't read the book exactly like the author wrote it, but you're making sense of it like Isaac. Dancing to it, and then the next day, maybe your dance changes." page 91
 Yay! This quote makes me happy! I love it! Learning is such a powerful tool and each person learns differently. One thing in common in learning though is taking risks, just as Shayne says, and seeing things in a different way. Its new and interesting, always changing. Also I love this quote because it mentions dancing and dancing is my passion Dancing is a story filled with learning and every emotion to be used. It makes sense all together and is unbelievable in so many ways. We all seem to make sense of learning and, really, life in slightly different ways that make us all different. Speaking of dancing, you should check out our club website to see what it is all about and we have a showcase that will be really cool for you to come and see at 3pm in the SU Ballroom on Sunday April 19th! Come check it out!! =)


  1. I like your little advertisement of the ballroom club haha. But I really enjoyed reading your blog this week. You made some great points and I could feel your passion while reading this. Fabulous job

  2. Great job on your blog! I loved it so much I did my extended comments on it! I especially loved all the quotes that you chose.